3M Nexcare 8550 Comfort Masks


Large size: 26 x 16.5cm

$2.50 /each

3M Nexcare 8550 Comfort Face Mask

Warmth – Utilizes 3M Thinsulate high-tech warmth cotton, composed of multiple layers of ultra-fine fibers that trap air, reflect body radiated heat, and enhance insulation.
Comfortable and Breathable – The outer and inner layers are made of soft cotton, combined with the innovative Snow-Luxe high-tech warmth cotton that resists moisture absorption, ensuring high breathability and preventing dust mite growth. Comfortable and dry even during extended wear.
Contoured Design for a Secure Fit – Designed with a three-dimensional cut and crafted by hand, along with an adjustable nose bridge design, ensuring a snug fit to the contours of the face and reducing fogging of glasses.
Reusable and Washable – Snow-Luxe high-tech warmth cotton can be washed repeatedly without deformation.
Stylish Dual-Tone Design – Warm and inviting color choices in a dual-tone palette.
Adjustable Ear Loops – The length of the ear loops can be adjusted for a comfortable fit.
Adjustable Nose Bridge – The nose bridge can be adjusted to fit the nose securely, preventing exhaled breath from fogging up glasses.
Outer and Inner Layers – Made of breathable and comfortable cotton for prolonged dryness and comfort.
A lightweight and comfortable daily protective mask, designed with comfort and breathability in mind. Its three-dimensional design helps guard against larger particles such as dust and pollen.

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