Draeger X-plore 1930 FFP3 NR D Particulate Respirator Masks


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Dräger X-plore 1930 M/L FFP3 NR D Mask

Product Benefits
The advantages of the Dräger X-plore 1930 half mask are numerous. Firstly, it is latex-free, making it suitable for allergy sufferers. The snug and continuous head harness ensures that the mask does not cause discomfort behind the ears and provides a high level of comfort. Additionally, it is individually packaged for hygiene.

The mask has successfully passed the Dolomite dust clogging test, which means it does not clog even during extended use. Thanks to the color coding, it is easy to differentiate between protection levels: FFP1 in yellow, FFP2 in orange, and FFP3 in red.

The Dräger X-plore 1930 is approved according to EN 149:2001+A1:2009, providing reliable protection against harmful airborne particles. Due to its soft material, nose pad, and integrated nose clip, the mask ensures a good seal and long-lasting comfort. Particularly, those who wear glasses benefit from its design as it can be comfortably worn with glasses, and exhaled air is directed downwards to prevent fogging of the lenses.

Key Benefits Summary:
1. Protection against carcinogenic and radioactive particles is ensured.
2. Maximum total inward leakage (leakage) is only 2%.
3. At least 99% of pollutants are filtered from the air.
4. The three-part design allows for individual adaptation to the face.
5. High wearing comfort is ensured through soft material, nose pad, and clip for an optimal seal.

FFP3 masks are used in situations where higher protection against hazardous and health-damaging airborne particles is required. They offer the highest level of protection against aerosols, smoke, dust, and other airborne particles among FFPs and are therefore suitable for use in various industries, including the chemical industry, construction, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and other fields where there is an increased risk from particles.

They are also recommended in situations with a high risk of airborne disease transmission, such as during pandemic control.

Application Areas Summary:
Construction Industry:
– Grinding, cutting, milling of materials like concrete, cement, plaster, and wood
– Handling insulation materials like glass or mineral wool
– Dealing with hazardous substances like molds

Chemical Industry:
– Manufacturing chemicals and chemical compounds

Healthcare Sector:
– Treating infected patients or suspected cases of contagious diseases
– Handling infectious materials such as blood or tissue samples
– Cleaning rooms and surfaces in clinics and hospitals

Pharmaceutical Industry:
– Manufacturing medicines and vaccines
– Dealing with hazardous and toxic substances in production

– Welding (observing limits) and cutting metal parts
– Processing composites and composite materials

Waste Management:
– Disposing of hazardous waste
– Handling contaminated materials

Draeger X-plore 1930 FFP3 Mask Respirator Draeger X-plore 1930 FFP3 Mask Respirator

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Individually packaged in bags, 20 pcs per box

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