Honeywell 7580P100CN KP100 Particulate Cartridge Filters


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Honeywell 7580P100CN High-Efficiency Particulate Filter Cartridge for Particle Filtration

The Honeywell 7580P100CN High-Efficiency Particulate Filter Cartridge employs high-efficiency HEPA filtration media and features a lightweight ABS housing. With its light product weight and high filtration efficiency (99.97%), it provides top-tier particle protection. The cartridge utilizes a 360-degree “maze-style” waterproof structural design that not only aids in gas flow but also enhances safety for use in humid environments. Designed to offer users the highest level of particle protection, the 7580P100CN filter cartridge is intended for use with the 5500, 7500, and 7700 series half masks, as well as the 5400 and 7600 series full-face masks.

Application Areas:
Widely used in industries such as coal mining, metallurgy, casting, battery manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and new energy sectors (solar photovoltaics, polycrystalline silicon) for particle protection.

Composition of Materials:
Filter Material: Polypropylene material – highly efficient, low resistance, ultra-high dust-holding capacity.
Housing: ABS material – impact-resistant, excellent heat resistance, and chemical stability.

Product Features:
Provides protection against non-oily and oily particulates, with a filtration efficiency exceeding 99.97%.
Utilizes high-efficiency HEPA folded filtration material, resulting in low resistance, higher filtration efficiency, and a large dust-holding capacity.
360-degree “maze-style” waterproof structural design suitable for use in humid environments.
ABS housing material offers high strength, lightweight construction, and comfortable extended wear.
Compliant with GB2626-2019 KP100 level standards.

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