Honeywell C900 SCBA105K Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus


manufacturer model: scba105k
package specification: 1 set / box
mask material: Rubber
mask and gas supply valve connection mode: quick clamping type
maximum gas supply of gas supply valve: 450 L / min
working pressure: 30MPa
initial alarm pressure: 5.5 ± 0.5MPa
whole set weight: 14.21kg
cylinder volume: 6.8L
theoretical service time: 45min
screw thread: M18 * 1.5
outer packing: special plastic packing case
medium pressure pipe type: Standard
cylinder gauge: no
whether the chest pressure gauge has luminous light or not: Yes
meets the standard: GB / T 16556-2007 certification
alarm whistle: rear


suitable for face, comfortable to wear
wide field of vision, higher safety. The mask is designed with double-layer sealing edge to reduce the invasion of toxic and harmful gases in the environment.
the mask is designed with positive pressure (3 mbar) and connected with the air supply valve through the plug-in interface. The new exhalation valve can significantly reduce the exhalation resistance.
it is equipped with a sound transmission membrane (the intercom can be used by using the side sound transmission membrane), a quick release button system, and the headband is easy to adjust.
it is equipped with a nasal mask To reduce the content of CO2 exhaled in the mask
the air flow inside the mask automatically washes the mask to prevent fog
plug in design, easy to use, fast air supply
small volume, light weight, excellent lower vision
comfortable and easy breathing, large air supply can reach more than 450 L / min, to ensure the positive pressure (3 mbar) in the mask, through the rotary interface and The medium pressure pipe is connected with each other, so it is easy to replace.
the structure is simple and reliable, and the pressure supply type can maintain the continuous pressure (7 bar) and flow in the medium pressure circulation system;
equipped with a pressure relief valve, when the pressure in the medium pressure circuit is greater than 11 bar, it can automatically relieve the pressure to ensure the safety of users
equipped with a convenient hand wheel for loading and unloading cylinders
6.8L, which can be used for about 45 minutes
screw system: m18x1.5. It meets the standards of hse-alfw 1, hse-al-fw2 and pren12245
the gas cylinder is equipped with rubber liner to protect the surface of the gas cylinder from damage
Cylinder volume: 6.8L




Exhalation Valve


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