Honeywell 75001CN Organic Vapor Cartridges


$4.50 /pair

Honeywell 75001CN Organic Gas/Vapor Respirator Cartridge

This product is equipped with high-quality imported coconut shell activated carbon, offering a large adsorption capacity. The cartridge body and cover are made of ABS material, providing enhanced mechanical strength. The threaded installation design ensures simple operation. The 75001CN cartridge is only compatible with Honeywell 5500, 7500, 7700, 5400, and 7600 series respirators.

Application Range:
Widely used in environments such as automotive, heavy industries, oil and petrochemicals, shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, machining, and welding where protection against organic gases is required.

Material Composition:
Filter Material: Coconut Shell Activated Carbon – High adsorption capacity, low ash content
Cartridge Body: ABS Material – Impact-resistant, good heat resistance, excellent chemical stability
Cartridge Cover: ABS Material – Impact-resistant, good heat resistance, excellent chemical stability
Filter Fabric: Polycool Non-woven Fabric Material – Good breathability, excellent chemical stability

Product Features:
High-quality imported coconut shell activated carbon extends protection time to over four times the standard, ensuring prolonged safety.
Threaded rotating assembly design for easy and quick attachment, reducing the risk of detachment.
Circular shape with an aesthetic appeal.
Honeywell’s professional color matching for a sleek black technological experience.
Packaged in aluminum foil to isolate from air, extending storage life.

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