Honeywell 7506N95CN Particulate Filters


The North by Honeywell 7506N95CN non-oil particulate filter provides respiratory protection at 95% filter efficiency against non-oil based aerosol particulates.
Diameter: 8cm

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Honeywell 7506N95CN KN95 Particulate Filters

The Honeywell 7506N95CN KN95 Particulate Filters are designed to effectively filter dust particles, featuring a five-layer filtration system. These filters are characterized by their low resistance, high efficiency, and large dust holding capacity, enhancing both protection and usage duration. The unique Honeywell anti-counterfeit design ensures genuine product authenticity, preventing the circulation of counterfeit items.

Compatible with the following Honeywell Respirators:
– Honeywell 5400 Series
– Honeywell 5500 Series
– Honeywell 7500 Series
– Honeywell 7600 Series
– Honeywell 7700 Series

Application Areas:
These filters are widely used for particle protection in environments such as coal mines, shipbuilding, heavy industries, automotive, and mechanical processing, where exposure to dust particles is a concern.

Product Features:
1. Multi-layer filtration structure with a cascading filtering effect.
2. Low breathing resistance reduces discomfort and heat buildup during use.
3. High dust holding capacity extends the overall protection and usage time.
4. Honeywell branded filters with professional anti-counterfeit measures.
5. Complies with GB2626-2019 standard, achieving KN95 level filtration.

Product Certification:
The 7506N95CN filters conform to GB 2626-2019 standards and meet the KN95 level requirements. They have passed the LA certification standards.

Honeywell remains committed to providing high-quality respiratory protection products to ensure the safety and well-being of users in various work environments. The 7506N95CN KN95 Particulate Filters are designed to deliver reliable performance and peace of mind during prolonged usage in dusty conditions.

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